REGISTRATION – Save the date

Dear Parents,

We kindly invite you to enroll your children in the St. John Paul II Polish School during the Village of Lemont’s 150th Anniversary Fest, which will take place in Downtown Lemont on June 10th from 1:00 to 6:00 PM. We will be waiting for you near Front Street & Safety Village Area.

Registration forms will be available on-site. You can also download them by clicking on this link: Registration Form 2023-24.

Tuition for the school can be paid via Zelle, check, or cash.

Thank you and see you there!
School Board

We would like to remind you that you can also register for the school electronically. The filled-in registration form and payment (Zelle) can be sent directly to [email protected].

Newsletter – May 2023

May 4

Regular classes
for classes Preschool – 4th
(Thursday instead of Friday)

May 5

Regular classes

May 6

May 3rd Parade
Classes 5th – 10th

April 12 & 13

Regular classes

April 19 & 20

Regular classes
End of the School year

From School’s life:

We would like to remind you, that Saturday classes for younger kids (PK to 4th grade) will take place on Thursday, May 4th, instead of Saturday, May 6th.

on May 6th, grades 5th – 10th will participate in May 3rd Parade, in Chicago. We will gather in front of the school at 9:00 AM. The return is estimated at ~1:30 PM.

T-shirts & hoodies with a new logo design are available for purchase during school operation hours (T-Shirts $15, hoodies 30$).

The final oral high school exam for 11th graders will be held on Saturday, May 6th, at 10:00 AM.

Graduation Mass for grades 8th and 11th will be held on May 7th, at 11:00 AM, at SSCM. The Graduation Ball for 8th and 11th-grade students and their families will be held in Crystal Grand, in Lemont, starting at 5:00 PM.

The end of the school year will take place on May 19 & 20. We invite all families to join us for the celebration and the performance of the “POLANIE” Dance Group, on Friday, at 7:00 PM, and on Saturday, at 11:00 AM.



We have started REGISTRATION for school for the new year 2023-24. We kindly ask you to print and complete the registration form (link). The school fee can be paid by check (Polska Szkoła) or by Zelle ([email protected]).



May 3rd Parade & Registration for School

On May 6, students of our school (grades 5-10) will participate in the May 3rd Parade.  We invite everyone to buy t-shirts and sweatshirts with the new school logo to proudly represent our facility. T-shirts  ($15) and sweatshirts ($30) are on sale during school hours.


We have started REGISTRATION for school for the new year 2023-24. We kindly ask you to print and fill out the registration form (link). The school fee can be paid by check (Polska Szkoła) or by Zelle ([email protected]).

Newsletter – April 2023

 April 1

Regular classes

April 7 &  8

No Classes – Easter

April 14 & 15

Regular classes

April 21 & 22

Regular classes

April 28 & 29

Regular classes

From School’s life:

On April 7th & 8th, the school will be closed for the holiday season. We wish you all a Happy Easter!

On April 14th & 15th, we start enrollment for the school for 2023-24. 

On April 14th & 15th, grades 8th and 11th will have a graduation photo session.

On April 14th & 15th, 8th and 11th-grade students will begin Polonaise dance practice.


IMPORTANT! Semiannual Parent Meeting will be held on April 15th, at 10:15 AM, in the parish building (across the street from the school). We encourage all parents to participate as we will present important information regarding our school’s present and future decisions.

Mrs. Monika Stopka, our Event Coordinator, is stepping down from her position as her family will welcome a new member soon! Congratulations! We would like to thank Monika for her tireless work in organizing school the school’s Valentine’s Ball, the trip to Poland, and other events that make our school an interesting place for students and their families! We ask parents who would like to take over this position and help us organize next year’s events to come to the parents’ meeting (or if can’t attend email: [email protected]). The school tuition for Event Coordinator’s kids is waived!


The “Matura” – final written High School exam will be held on April 21st & 22nd. We wish the best of luck to all our 11th-graders! We know you can do it!




Newsletter – March 2023

March 3 & 4

Regular classes

March 9  

Regular classes
(Thursday instead of Friday)

March 11

No Classes

March 17 & 18

Regular classes

March 24 & 25

No Classes

March 30

Regular classes
(Thursday instead of Friday)

From School’s Life:

On March 3rd i 4th there will be a reading contest “The Heroes of our Stories”. The competition will be held in three age categories. The aim of the competition is to improve the ability to read beautifully and to shape the culture of reading.

March 9th: We would like to remind you that in the second week of March, Friday classes will take place on Thursday, March 9th.

March 11th: The Saturday Classes are canceled.

The practice “Matura” exam will take place on March 17th and 18th. We keep our fingers crossed for our graduates! Good luck!

The Spring Contest will take place on March 17th and 18th.

On March 28, our older students will take off on their first post-covid trip to Poland. We wish them a pleasant journey and unforgettable memories! We hope the trips to Poland will be again our annual tradition.


On behalf of the School Board, we would like to thank everyone, who took part in this year Valentine Ball and in this way helped our school.

We would like to thank all the sponsors who offered prizes for our lottery. Thanks to your presence and commitment, the Ball was a great success.