Newsletter – November 2023

November 3 & 4

Regular classes Mandatory meeting
for parents and students
who attend the trip to Poland

November 10 & 11

Regular classes Class Photos
Polish Independence Day 

November 17 & 18

Regular classes  

November 24 & 25

No classes Thanksgiving


From School’s Life:

Polish Independence Day:
On November 11th, we will proudly commemorate Polish Independence Day. To mark this special occasion, on Friday, November 10th, and Saturday, November 11th, our students and teachers will sing the Polish national anthem. We encourage all our students to participate by wearing the national colors of Poland or T-shirts with the school logo. The T-shirts featuring our school logo will be available for purchase on upcoming school days for $15.
Photo session: CLASS PHOTO (all classes) and PORTRAITS (only 11TH graders)
Photo sessions will be held on November 10 and 11. We encourage you to wear T-shirts or sweatshirts with the school logo and additional accessories (scarves, hats, etc. in Poland’s national colors).

Thanksgiving Wishes:

As the United States celebrates Thanksgiving on November 23rd, we extend warm wishes for joyful moments spent with family and friends. In observance of the holiday, there will be no classes on November 24th and 25th.

School Board Updates and General Parents’ Meeting Recap:  

During our recent semi-annual School Board Meeting on October 20th at the Parish Building, the school board members and representatives from the school staff discussed the current school year’s enrollment and budget. They also deliberated on the roles and responsibilities of the staff and the board members. Several board member positions will become available in the upcoming spring, and in preparation for this, the current members provided a detailed description of the privileges and responsibilities of the Administrator, Vice President, Event Coordinator, and Treasurer positions. If you are interested in being more engaged in school life and influencing school functions by taking over these positions, please contact the school board at [email protected]. Given that our school is governed by a parents’ board, these positions must be filled. 

Other Highlights from the General Parents’ Meeting: 

Budget. In the current school year, we have a total of 370 registered children. We’ve allocated $164,845 from registrations (tuition and extracurricular activities) and PRCUA subsidies for various expenses: $25,500 for rent, around $13,540 for projected utility fees, approximately $134,700 for payroll, $5,000 for insurance, $2,500 for accounting services, and $2,500 for office supplies, making a total of $158,240. 

The remaining and expected funds from the annual Parents Carnival Ball and other donations will be used for special student events like competitions, trips, celebrations, and graduation activities. We also plan to organize gifts and events for our dedicated teachers to show our appreciation for their hard work. For more details about the budgeted events, please contact our treasurer, Krystyna Mize, at [email protected]. 

Donations. If you or your company can contribute to the school through donations, either in the form of cash or items for a charitable auction during the ball, please contact Ewelina Biczek at [email protected]. Companies donating to our non-profit school organization will receive a tax deduction receipt. Donations of at least $200 will be advertised on the school website for a year. 

Children’s safety before and after classes. During the last meeting, we discussed the protection of our students while entering and exiting the school building. We kindly ask all parents to adhere to the traffic rules and to exercise particular caution. It often happens that children, seeing their guardians in the crowd, forget about their surroundings and suddenly run onto the road. We earnestly request that you avoid driving directly to the entrance. 

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the parents who participated in the General Meeting. We firmly believe that these discussions will contribute to the continued growth of our school and foster a stronger collaborative spirit at all levels. 

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