Mission Statement

The foremost goal of the John Paul II Polish School is to teach the Polish language, as well as the traditions and culture of our nation, to young people that live in a multilingual American society.

We are also striving to reach the highest level in pedagogical work, by awakening and solidifying the national pride of our youth, and to prepare them to be loyal and creative members of Polish-American society.

Teaching Methods

Our school aids the learning process by applying the best educational methods, study aids, and  selection of books and workbooks written for  Polish students born in the United States.

Lessons are led in a manner that facilitate the development of language proficiency:

  • aim at mastery in speaking, writing and reading skills;
  • aid in development and understanding main thoughts and ideas conveyed in literature;
  • supply emotive and esthetic experiences by an exposure to movies, art, painting, and music .

School Curriculum

Our educational program builds on the foundation of the students’ needs and abilities and features:

  • Polish language
  • history
  • geography

In addition, our school curriculum is supplemented by:

  • contests,
  • trips,
  • meetings with,
  • exibitions,
  • theater plays,
  • movies,
  • musical concerts,
  • and other school events.

School Board


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