Registration for New School Year 2015-2016

Published on April 14, 2015


Registration for Friday and Saturday classes
for the new school year 2015/2016
are held:
on Fridays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm




Published on April 12, 2015

The Polish Roman Catholic Union of America (PRCUA)Unknown

is the oldest Polish-American fraternal organization in America, which was founded in 1873 to unite and help Polish immigrants. Since then, the Polish Roman Catholic Union has evolved into an organization that offers not only life insurance or retirement accounts, but also the organization for the Polish community. Polish Roman Catholic Union supports many Polish-American initiatives, offers scholarships for students, grants to universities, educational loans and others, donations to Polish schools and their folk dance groups.

Buying an insurance policy or pension plan members come into possession of part of Polish Roman Catholic Union, which become part owners of the company. Plans are very attractive and competitive. Simply deposit $ 300.00 to set up a retirement account.

Representative of the Polish Roman Catholic Union for our school is Mrs. Urszula Widur phone number. 1 (773) 919-2965.

Or visit for more information.


From the Director

Published on April 7, 2015

Dear Parents,images-4
Recently we, as a School, screened a film called “Carolina” for our children and friends. This was the first time this took place in the history of our school, and we want it to become a tradition. We have more films that will await you and your families to enjoy. Any income we receive will be allocated to the needs of our students.
Eighth grade students are packing their bags for a trip to Poland. We wish them an unforgettable experience and a happy return.
Our graduating High School class had their trial – final exams. Now everyone is aware of what issues need more time to improve on. Soon the real finals will be here both, in written and oral form.
Our grades 5th – 10th will be participating in the Parade of May 3rd. Parents are also welcome. Snacks and drinks will be provided on the bus. Please wear white and red (appropriate for the occasion and weather), also bring your smiles and cheer. The younger students will have regular scheduled classes.
Grades 8 and 11 are preparing for their Graduation Celebration.

We wish you all a Happy Easter.

Halina Szyrzyna – School Director

Monika Górnikowski – School Vice Dyrector


From The Director

Published on March 9, 2015

Dear Parents,images-4

Another month of education is behind us.

February, although a short month was very eventful. On February 15 together with the Polish Club we celebrated Polish Day once again in Lemont. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the Polish community in Lemont and the surrounding areas. Our students took an active part in this event. Under the expert eyes of Ms. Małgosi Radzik, our teachers and the President of the Polish club- Ms Alina Kimel, the children painted beautiful buildings representing parts of old Warsaw. The youngest group was coloring pictures while the older kids prepared posters, albums and wrote essays.We thank you all for your commitment.

Our school dance group named Polanie once again surprised us with their dances and songs, this time -Warsaw style-BRAVO!

The children were rewarded for their hard works and dances with pizza from the Polish Club. The teachers prepared Warsaw themed art. Thank you. The second great event at our school was the swearing in of the first grade class.

Thank you Ms. Bożena Łazarska and Ms. Annie Mrózek-Gal for preparing the children for a great and memorable day. Thank you for all the beautiful songs and rhymes.

Thank you parents for your help and for refreshments.

What’s ahead:

  • XI gr. preparations for the trial final exam.
  • Graduation pictures for VIII and XI graders.
  • A trip to Poland for the VIII graders.

Halina Szyrzyna – School Director

Monika Górnikowski – School Vice Dyrector


From the Director

Published on February 10, 2015

Welcome !

Time passes quickly. The first semester is behind us. Traditionally, we invite all parents for the Mid-Year Parent-Teacher Conferences which will be held on February 7th, 13th and 14th.

Last month our school participated in three competitions. Thank you to all students, teachers and caregivers for their involvement and contributions.

The first competition was about Nicolaus Copernicus. Thank you M.Maj class for preparing models of the solar system and the 7th grade class, especially Natasha Lipsa, for compiling material for a book on Copernicus.

Competition “Stawiem na polski”- Mrs. Anna Watkins, Dorota Grzegorzewicz and Katarzyna Kozak – thank you for your encouragement and preparing students to compete.

Those who took part in it are: Karolilna Żegleń, Michal Luc and Sandra Necka – thank you and congratulations.

The third contest – an essay about Katyn. Participants in this competition are from Mrs. Anna Watkins class, and the students are: Tomasz Bzdyk , Joanna Duda , Daniel Garczek and Tamara Lipsa . We wish you good luck!

We still have one more opportunity to present your children and our students.

February 8th will be a contest ” Young Talents”. You know your child best. Please encourage them to participate.

February 27th and 28th, we invite you to enroll for the 2015/2016 school year.