Important meeting scheduled for Dec. 06, 2014

Published on November 19, 2014

The School Board of John Paul II Polish School would like to inform all parents that there is a mandatory meeting scheduled for Saturday, December 6th, 2014 at 9:15 A.M.
We strongly recommend that all parents attend this very important meeting, where you will learn about our school’s current financial situation. Before the meeting, on or about November 24th, 2014 we will email you the most recent Profit and Loss Statement and the Corporate Bylaws and Regulations.

Best Regards,

School Board


Please Help Paul Stepien For the Long Haul

Published on October 20, 2014
as he battles back from a severe spinal cord injury.

The afternoon of August 13, 2014 a terrible incident occurred that changed the course of Paul’s life. While visiting his sister, Paul fell from her first story balcony about 15 feet. The family feels very lucky he is alive but the fall left Paul with a severe Spinal Cord Injury (C5/C6)leaving him a quadriplegic, yearning to recover movement in his body and the ability to walk again. After multiple surgeries and hospitalization at Christ hospital, Paul was moved to short term rehabilitation center in Chicago to begin therapy. However, there is a long road ahead as Paul will require 24-hr home care and intensive therapy to continue his efforts of regaining everyday function and movement. Your generosity will directly benefit Paul and his fight for the future. Thanks again for your support and please continue to keep Paul and his entire Family in your prayers.




Published on September 26, 2014



The POLANIE  group is a folk dance group representing the Polish School of John Paul II. Our main purpose is to introduce the youth to traditional dances from various regions of Poland,  (Lublin, Rzeszow, Krupie, Łowicz, 
Cieszyn etc.) as well as modern dance (Polka dance, hip-hop, etc.).  Special characteristics of the group include:

- POLANIE  was formed 15 years ago and has taught many young dancers who still continue their passion for dance in the famous Polish-American teams.

-  Classes are taught by professional instructors under the guidance of  Sabiny and Antoniego Dobrzańskich.

-  Currently, classes are conducted in three groups: the youngest (4-7 years), young (8-10 years),  and the older group (11-14 years).

-  The classes are held after polish school on Saturdays from: 12:00 – 2:30pm.

-  We provide our own costumes (for all ages) with various Polish regions.

-  Our dances occur at many school and church celebrations and jubilees.

-  At the end of the school year, in August, our dancers are rewarded with a picnic and camping trip to Michigan.

-  Cost is $195 per dancer, per year.

-  To see if dancing is your child’s passion, you can come to one or two classes without registration or fees.

-  Our dancers are members of  PRCUA the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America. This organization supports our dancers by contributing an annual $40 donation per each Polish School dancer; however, purchasing insurance is mandatory. As a past member of PRCUA, children can apply for a College scholarship as well as take part in activities and celebrations such as the  ”Cinderella Ball”.

-  Our dance group “Polanie” volunteered to participate in the Polonia Fesival of Childrens Folkklore in Iwonicz Zdrój Poland, which will be held in July 2015. (We took part in that festival in 2009.)

Please contact Mr. Mirek Cisło 708 927-8540, or Mrs. Agnieszka Witek 630 748-9877 for more information. 


Classroom Schedule

Published on September 5, 2014

Click here for classroom schedule.


Parking Changes for 2014/15 School Year

Published on September 3, 2014

For the 2014/15 school year, the John Paul II Polish School, SS. Cyril and Methodius Church, and SS. Cyril and Methodius School, now all share parking lots on both Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Therefore, beginning this Friday, September 5th, all Polish School teachers, teacher’s aids, administrative staff, and the School Board of Directors must park their vehicles in the parking lot next to the Religious Education building, which is located across the street from the gym parking lot. Also, parents and high school students who drive, are only allowed to park in the lot directly across the street from the Grotto.

Under no circumstance, can anyone park their vehicles in either of the two main parking lots; next to the gym, or next to the Church Rectory. These two parking lots are reserved for the church and parish school, which have activities under way during Polish School sessions. Additionally, parking on the street, either in front of the church or school, is also not allowed; this area is now reserved for drop-offs only.  If for any reason you need to go inside the school, the parking lot across the Grotto is the only parking lot where you may leave your vehicle for a longer duration of time.

We ask that you please cooperate and follow these new parking rules in an effort to promote safety, and avoid conflicts and towing of vehicles.  As always, we appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter and look forward to seeing you and your children this coming week.

Best Regards,

John Paul II Polish School Board of Directors