Newsletter – February 2023

 February 3 & 4

Regular classes

February 10 & 11

Regular classes

February 17 & 18

Regular classes

February 23

Regular classes
(Thursday instead of Friday)

February 25

Regular classes

From school life:

On February 3rd and 4th, semi-annual parent-teacher conferences will be held. Teachers will contact the parents by e-mail or phone to provide news about the students’ progress. In exceptional circumstances, parents will be asked to come to school.

 The ceremonial Recognition of First Graders as Students will be held on February 3rd, at 6 PM, and February 4th, at 10 AM, in the parish building (across the street from the school). Parents of first graders will receive more information from teachers.

Parent’s Valentine’s Day Ball will take place on February 11th.
It is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s with your significant other and friends. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet other parents and help the school raise additional funds.
Tickets are still available!
You and your friends are all invited!

 On February 17th & 18th, we will celebrate the end of the carnival with Hot-dogs and fun activities.

* February 23rd We would like to remind you that in the last week of February, Friday classes will be held on Thursday, February 23.



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